Polar Bears and Fly Fishing in Alaska – The Ultimate American Excursion

The great American exotic vacation for most anglers is to go fly fishing Alaska style! Fly fishing is becoming more popular everyday in the USA and all over the world. From Canada to Montana people are learning this ancient sport all over again.

What is fly fishing? Its short definition is trying to catch fish with a fly that is very light weight, as compared to the typical cast and spin method which uses a heavy lure or bait. Modern fly fishing techniques come from England and have been developing into a more and more technical sport. Anyone can learn to fly fish and most anglers would love to go fly fishing in Alaska. The question you might be asking is how do you get there, how expensive is it, and what is the cost. Sit back and learn a little more about how to go fly fishing in Alaska.

Get me there to Fish on the Fly

In fly fishing in Alaska you can fish for the elusive Chenook or Salmon in a lot of places such as Lake Iliamna or Bristol Bay. All you have to do is to take your pick of great Alaskan places to fly fish. However, the question is how to get there. There are plenty of choices on getting to Alaska such as you can join a club that hosts expeditions for club members only.

Often club memberships net you discounts because of group rates that you might not other wise get. Certain travel agencies have packages that are nice too. By going in off season things will be higher, there is also the issue of weather!

Things to happen to freeze up in Alaska and you don’t want to be one of them, go in the popular travel times of June to September for fly fishing in Alaska.

Typical price range for in season fly fishing in Alaska run between $5,000.00 and $6,000.00 for an adult party of two.

This doesn’t include all your necessary fishing gear, license and extra spending cash. One quality travel agency on the internet is forgetmenottravel.com. Other ways to get to Alaska is to check out fly fishing adventure schools, where you can travel and learn more about fly fishing. There are many ways to get there, so just start searching for your plan on how to do it. If you take your camera along you can grab not only your prize catch, but maybe a picture of a polar bear or two when fly fishing in Alaska.

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