Lake Fork

Bass Fishing in Lake Fork home of the the top 50 largest big bass caught. All sport fisherman understand that the need for a video of their local spot is invaluable.

Not only does it enhance your opportunity to land the biggest bass possible but to understand the angler needs through videos and the latest fishing equiptment. If you haven't fished an area before what an advantage it is to have a preview of that lake in the form of an aerial angler video or dvd.

Texas . N32°49.270' W95°33.370' Everything is BIG in Texas. This is where the 50 largest bass have been caught, including the current state record.

which was caught in 1992 and weighed 18.18 pounds, length was 25.5 inches. Lake Fork is located on the Sabine River in Hopkins, Rains and Wood Counties, 5 miles northwest of Quitman. It's 27,680 acres with a maximum depth of 70 feet.

It's known for its Largemouth bass, white and black crappie, channel catfish and sunfish. Lake Fork has a slot limit of 16"-24" for largemouth bass which means that any largemouth bass you catch between 16" and 24" must be released after the video or photograph.

Consequently there are a lot of big bass in this range in the lake.

Traveling angler

Everything a traveling angler could need is located around the lake or in one of the surrounding towns. There are heaps of lodging places, many with their own boat ramps, and places to keep your belly full around the lake. Wood and Rains counties are dry in the alcahol department, though several private clubs serve brewed adult beverages around the lake.

You must first become a member by filling out an application and paying a nominal fee.

If you want anything stronger, bring it with you. Or you can relax in the lounge and view a video of the days catch. Now some say because the drink can be a bit scarce, you can spend more time on the water with a little more clarity than normal. At least it cuts down on some of the exaggerations of size anglers come up with.

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