There's an old fisherman's saying that the fish live in only 10% of the water, so anything that can help pinpoint them will maximise your catch time. Everything we do before our first cast is to plan the day and the catch.

Fishing is a continuum

There's never been a season that is the same or repeats those that came before it. Looking back at fishing seasons past is nostalgic and heart-warming, but it is looking forward that puts that adrenaline twitch in our casting arms!

Every new season adds to and extends our experience. There's no limit on how far. Each one finds us new spots to go fishing, with new friendships, new discoveries and new angling horizons within our reach. Each new cast conveys fresh hope for an angler.

In several decades of beating the banks with a fishing stick, my interest in, excitement and anticipation for the next trip has never been higher than today.

Largemouth Bass

largemouth bassThese are some of The best BASSFISHING tips to help your ANGLER NEEDS, and use that fishing know how, you have been developing since you first layed eyes on that St. Croix rod in your local angler supplies store. Lake fishing in these spots you'll find Black bass, green trout, bigmouth bass and lineside bass, in fact some of the biggest bass fish in the country, like the current record bass of 18.18 pounder caught at LAKE FORK in Texas in 1992, of course other species of fish are in abundance as well like Catfish and Sunfish and Bream. The time has come for you to make the hardest decision of all, where to go this year?

Largemouth Bass Facts

Texas has two subspecies of largemouth bass, without genetic testing it is impossible to tell them apart. They are called Micropterus salmoides (or small fin trout) and the Micropterus salmoides floridanus {Florida}.

The dark blotches form on their green upper bodies form a horizontal stripe on either side of the fish.The under body is usually a light green or even white. To spot the difference between large mouth bass and other black basses check the the upper jaw, it should reach far beyond the rear margin of the eye.

Largemouth bass is by far the most sought after fresh water fish in the U.S. Over the years hundreds of bass angling clubs have sprung up in the interest of fish species and conservation.

A 1995 survey showed that a 13 to 1 catch for Bass over Florida, who have always prided themselves on being somewhat of the Bass catching home of the U.S.

Springtime is spawning time for Bass, once the water temperature gets to around 60°F. .Largemouth bass like a quiet, more vegetated water than other black bass, but will use submerged logs or anything else similar that's around. Nests are built usually in two to eight feet of water. The male guards the eggs after he chases off the female for several days after hatching which takes around 10 days from laying. The young, called fry have a diet of insect larvae and zooplankton, once they grow to about 2 inches they like there parents will catch and eat other fish and invertebrates.

Fly Fishing

Quietly this sport is gaining popularity with a lot of people. Fly fishing has evolved and developed from the ancient Greeks into an activity that can be for the whole family. If anything people have viewed fly fishing as something that older men did to get away from it all. And it’s been popularized in movies and on TV by characters like Henry Blake from the MASH series, and Katherine Hepburn’s Henry Fonda in the Golden Pond movie. So if you’re interested in fly fishing there are a few things to know about this fascinating pass time. Find out what fly fishing is, how it differs from regular fishing, its cost, and the different types of fishing that you can do. Traditional Cast and Spin VS Fly.

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