Sandy Hook Bay and the Navesink River

Sandy Hook is a beautiful historic place that has much to offer the angler. There is the famous Fort Hancock and Officers Row as well as the US Coast Guard and Earl Navy Peir in the distance. Fishing the famed Rip and Bug Light should not be passed up.

Besides the diverse wild life that exists there. Lush vegetation, Fox, Osprey and many Blue Herons to name a few. That wildness is also translated into the water. Sandy Hook is home to huge Stripers, Weakfish and Blues that migrate down the Hudson River and up from the southern ocean in early Spring. Home to other preditors alike. Now that the Catch and release has caught on in our area the population and size of these preditors is growing!

The Shrewsbury River and Navesink River are the gate-way to the back water estuaries.

The mouth of the river is deep and bears a severe current that holds huge tide runner weakfish in the spring and preditors from April to December! A 14 lb tiderunner is awesome on a fly. The back estuaries is home to massive schools of bait and crusteations. This scenic river has many possibilities in terms of structure. The abundence of structure, rips, channels, holes and food that will hold fish in any tide.

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