There are so many species of fish available on the market today, it can be very tough to make a choice. Also, there are compatibility issues, because not all will get along or prefer the same kinds of conditions. Think carefully and do research before your purchase in order to avoid buying the "cute little fish" that turns into a behemouth and outgrows your tank, the bully that beats up your other fish, or getting the difficult, special-care fish that you can't take care of properly. The fish shown here come from a wide range of conditions and difficulty levels. If you have not kept fish for long and feel you need more guidance in your choices, start from this article I wrote: "An Introduction to Keeping Fish".

Below are some species of fish I have kept in the past or present. I am not trying to make a complete species profile archive of ALL fish that may be kept in the aquarium, but rather just listing some which I have had personal experience with, and what those experiences were, along with many profile links for further research. Click on the thumbnail photos to see each up close and read more on that species. Where not noted (except with a watermark "Pandora's Aquarium"),

the photos were taken by me, and you can email me if you would like to use them outside this site; otherwise, the photographers and contributers are noted below the images and you should contact them directly for permission.


Archocentrus (Cichlasoma) nigrofasciatus
(Convict Cichlid)

Balantiocheilus melanopterus
(Bala or Black-Tipped Silver Sharkfish)

Brachydanio rerio
(Zebra Danio)

Carassius auratus

Colisa lalia
(Dwarf Gourami)

Corydoras sp.
(Corydoras Catfish)

Helostoma temmincki
(Kissing Gourami)

Hyphessobrycon serpae
(Serpae Tetra)

Hypostomus plecostomus
(Common Pleco)

Kryptopterus bicirrhis
(Glass Catfish)

Melanotaenia praecox
(Neon Rainbowfish)

Pangio (Acanthophthalmus) kuhli
(Kuhli Loach)

Paracheirodon axelrodi
(Cardinal Tetra)

Pelvicachromis pulcher

Poecilia reticulata

Poecilia schenops
(Black Molly)

Puntius (Barbus) conchonius
(Rosy Barb, Neon)

Puntius (Barbus) tetrazona
(Tiger Barb)

Pterophyllum scalare

Symphysodon aequifasciatus
(Turquoise Discus)

Trichogaster leeri
(Pearl Gourami)


Chromis viridis
(Green Chromis)

Chromis xanthurus
(Yellow-Tail Blue Damsel)

Halichoeres chrysus
(Yellow Coris or Golden Wrasse)

Hippocampus barbouri
(Barbour's Seahorse)

Paracanthurus hepatus
(Blue Hippo or Regal Tang)

Premnas biaculeatus
(Maroon Clownfish)

Pseudanthias parvirostris
(Diadem or Sunset Anthias)

Pterapogon kauderni
(Bangai Cardinal)

Pterosynchiropus splendidus
(Green Mandarin Goby)