Appropriate Water Conditions for Your Goldfish

Goldfish cannot just live in any kind of water, especially in an aquarium tank. One of the ways to give your pet proper goldfish care is to consider the importance of having the right kind of water inside your tank.

Experienced goldfish caretakers suggest that you must maintain at least a slightly alkaline pH level in the tank water quantitatively equivalent to a 7.0­ 7.5 pH level. Also, it is advisable to add a teaspoon of chlorite to the solution for every 20 liters (five gallons) of water. There should be no ammonia nitrite, and the least amount of nitrate as possible.

Concerning the pH level of the water, pH tests are normally used for determining if the water in your tank is too alkaline or acidic, which may eventually harm your pet. It is easy to find these tests at pet stores. However, try not to alter the conditions of your water any more than you have to. Goldfish can be versatile enough to tolerate varying pH levels in the water, so there is usually no need to modify the water conditions by using a harmful chemical. Remember that you should not carelessly add any type of chemical into your goldfish’s tank as some may put your pet’s life at risk. The best recommended pH level that assures a happy and healthy live for your goldfish is around 7.5.

As far as the temperature goes, always monitor if the water is too hot or too cold for your fish. When it’s summertime, find a spot for your aquarium where it is cooler most of the day. Bubbles coming from air pumps help cool the water. By turning off the lights in summer, you not only save energy, but you slow down the rate at which temperatures increase in your aquarium. During winter, the best way to maintain the right temperature level is to get a heater. A 50­watt heater can handle a 10 gallon (38 liter) volume of water. There are some types of goldfish that are very choosy in their water temperatures. For example, some fancy goldfish live in water temperatures as high as 65 degrees Fahrenheit (18 degrees Celsius).

Some people think goldfish need salt water to survive, but actually, they do not. The only time a salt is necessary is when there is a need to treat the fish for parasites. There are some cases when your pet acquires certain types of diseases that are mainly caused by pre­existing parasites, and you can get rid of them by applying ample amounts of salt to the water.

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