Sera Biotop LED Cube 130 XXL Freshwater Aquarium

You can put your trust in German ingenuity, engineering and technology to bring you top quality. That’s the case with the Sera Biotop LED Cube 130 XXL. You get a complete freshwater aquarium kit with everything that you need, minus the fish, to get started in this fun hobby.

Sera is a German company, headquartered in Heinsberg, Germany, and started in 1970 by Josef Ravnak. His nickname is Sepp, so he took the first two letters of his nickname and the first two letters of his last name to create the company name of Sera. In the beginning, Sera used lyophilization, a process of freeze drying food in a way to retain nutrients and vitamins and store it at room temperature, to make fish food. Sera became an innovator in garden pond products. A bio-denitrator, a device to target the biological breakdown of nitrate in aquariums, put Sera on the worldwide aquarium stage.

Today, teams of Sera scientists work primarily on aquatic fish food development, biological aquarium and pond cleaning agents, algae control, aquarium filters, UV filters, CO2 units, pumps, lamps and testing equipment. Sera retailers are in the U.S., UK, Thailand, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Poland, Netherlands, Mexico, Luxembourg, Lichtenstein, Japan, Italy, Ireland, Germany, French Guiana, France, Chili, Czech Republic, Brazil, Belgium and Austria.

It’s easy to determine that scientists are involved with developing this freshwater aquarium, because the word “biotop,” which translated to English is “biotope,” is used in its title. A biotope is a region of identical environmental conditions. To keep freshwater fish alive, you need to maintain habitat that is stable or uniform. You need a specific biotope. The Sera Biotop LED Cube 130 XXL does just that.

Polished bow front glass measuring 51 centimeters (20 inches) wide, 66.5 centimeters (26 inches) high and 57 centimeters (22.5 inches) deep makes up the tank. It holds 130 liters (34 gallons) of water. A tough plastic top, bottom and back finish off the tank portion of this aquarium. Cleverly built into the back wall of this tank is a partition of the aquarium hidden from view that houses the filtering system and pump.

Energy-efficient Light-Emitting Diode (LED) lighting is hidden in the hood of this unit.

Inside are 12 white two-watt LED bulbs. The hood also houses two slowly rotating fans that keep electronic equipment cool, so that the temperature of your freshwater aquarium remains stable. Remember, you want to maintain the right “biotope.”

An internal filter, which is hidden in the back wall of the Biotop, contains the following:

  • Sera Siporax professional high-performance filtering medium in a 580-gram (1.2-pound) loose-knit bag that is slid into a filtering chamber in the aquarium’s back wall. Several three-dimensional tunnels induce the growth of bacteria that help maintain correct water chemistry in your tank. The porous nature of this media improves the biological filtering function 34 times greater than the closed-cell nature of clay filtering items. A 50-milliliter (1.7 ounce) bottle of purified bacteria is poured over this medium to initially activate it.
  • A high quality Sera 100-watt aquarium heater, complete with thermostatic control, is slipped into the back wall compartment.
  • A Sera STP 1000 pump moves water through your filter.

Other accessories that come with your Sera Biotop LED Cube 130 XXL freshwater aquarium are:

  • Sera Aquatan in a 100-milliliter (3.38-ounce) bottle is poured into your water to properly condition the initial supply of water in your tank. This water conditioner removes harmful additives, like chlorine, from your tap water to make it more appropriate for a freshwater marine environment. It also neutralizes the pH level of your water, takes out heavy metals, adds iodine to give bright color to anything in your water, adds skin-protective colloids to protect mucous membranes and gills of your fish, and puts vitamin B into the water for the promotion of better nerve systems in your fish.
  • Sera Vipan flake food in a 100 milliliter (0.8 ounce) bottle is used for feeding your fish. Sera’s unique fish food processing procedure gives this food the highest in omega fatty acids, vitamins and minerals.

Attention to detail means that a Sera Biotop LED Cube 130 XXL aquarium lets you enjoy your fish without worrying about their upkeep.