Red Sea S-Series 650 Plug & Play Coral Reef System

Buy the Red Sea S-Series 650 Plug & Play Coral Reef System and you get a Rolls Royce in reef aquariums. As its name suggests, this full-size reef aquarium system holds 650 liters (175 gallons) and comes with everything to get you well on your way to showing off a large salt water coral display.

Red Sea is headquartered in Houston, Texas, and acknowledged as visionaries in complete aquarium systems that are ready to operate upon purchase. With hired chemical and biology professionals on the Red Sea staff, this aquarium seller not only offers complete reef tank systems, but also produces Red Sea Coral Pro salt to give reef aquarium enthusiasts accurate chemistry for their salt water aquariums. Red Sea is based in the U.S., but sold worldwide in the UK, South Africa, Singapore, New Zealand, Netherlands, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Germany, France, Canada, Austria and Australia. Check the Red Sea’s website for the location of a shop near you.

With any Red Sea S-Series reef aquarium you get extremely clear glass, lighting bright enough for flourishing coral growth, strong filtration and customized paneling under this full-size aquarium in your choice of black, metallic graphite, pearl white, metallic ultra marine, metallic merlot and metallic silver. A marine-grade anodized aluminum frame holds Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) panels that are covered with three coats of weather-resistant polyurethane paint similar to coverings used in the automobile industry for a quality product that produces a high resale value.

Inside this cabinet is a waterproof sump partition and an area dedicated to the chiller, a water compartment that ensures your coral and fish are surrounded by an exact temperature of salt water. The outside dimensions of the Red Sea S-Series 650 Plug and Play Coral Reef System, including the aquarium and the cabinet, is 1.67 meters (66 inches) tall, 1.62 meters (64 inches) wide and 71 centimeters (28 inches) deep.

Red Sea S-Series reef aquariums are crafted from very clear, low iron, 15-millimeter (about 5/8 inch) thick glass. Lighting is accomplished with three switchable units consisting of a front and rear assembly of four high-intensity T5 fluorescent lights, plus a center component featuring two T5 lights and some Light-emitting Diode (LED) lights to imitate the moon. Five of the 10 fluorescent T5 lights have a daylight intensity of 10,000K. The other five T5 lights are actinic, or simulate the dimming effect of sunrise or sunset. A lighting controller administers lighting intensity changes throughout the day and night.

Filtration through Red Sea’s S-Series reef systems is professional. Water is pulled from the aquarium through a full-width surface skimmer into a sump located in the cabinetry under the tank. Water runs through a protein skimmer, a chiller, a low-density mechanical sponge filter, a high-grade phosphate-free activated 600-gram (20 ounce) carbon chemical filter and other reactors before re-entering the aquarium. Overheating isn’t an issue with this system. Water chemistry is highly controlled. The result is that you don’t have to have a doctor’s degree in marine biology to operate this reef aquarium and your coral and fish thrive, thanks to the plug and play philosophy built into this Red Sea product.

Another fantastic feature with the filtration system on any Red Sea S-Series reef aquarium is that it’s all routed through a control center that gives you 10 power switches, allowing only one place to turn on and off pumps and accessories. Professionally-installed electrical circuit breakers ensure that you own a safe and reliable system. It’s just one of several features that boost Red Sea coral reef systems to a first-class rating.

A 90-liter (25-gallon) refugium on the Red Sea S-Series 650 reef aquarium means that the holding capacity of the actual aquarium is 560 liters (150 gallons). The sump pump velocity with this system is 2,000 liters per hour (530 gallons per hour). The main system pump meant to feed the skimmer, the chiller and other reactors operates at 9,000 liters per hour (2,400 gallons per hour).

Expect to pay a few thousand dollars for this top-of-the-line reef aquarium system. A Red Sea S-Series 650 reef aquarium isn’t cheap and that’s why it’s so well built. But, when you want the finest reef aquarium, this is your answer.