Oceanic BioCube HQI Reef Aquarium

Oceanic Systems aquariums are made for saltwater and reef displays and known by the experts to be constructed soundly. Central Garden & Pet Company, based in Ontario, California, is the parent company for Oceanic Systems. Probably one of the finest small aquariums available is their Oceanic 29 Gallon BioCube HQI Aquarium.

For those who live in the metric world, this artistically crafted tank holds 110 liters of water. It’s an almost perfect cube at 20 inches (51 centimeters) long, 20.75 inches (52.7 centimeters) deep and 19.25 inches (49 centimeters) high.

Keeping corals alive requires light that closely imitates the sun. It can’t be dull. The HQI portion of the name of this BioCube is an acronym for hydrargyrum quartz iodide lighting, which is a special form of High-Intensity Discharge (HID) lighting.

Hydrargyrum is Latin for mercury, an element used in this 150-watt bulb, which illuminates with intensities to 14,000K to keep marine life alive. Oceanic Systems also sells 10,000K and 20,000K HQI replacement bulbs.

A quiet fan fits into the light fixture to give the HQI light proper cooling. Vents are built into the HQI light housing, allowing heat to dissipate away from the aquarium. Some reviews of the BioCube HQI Aquarium mention that this light is too hot, resulting in “frying” some types of coral. Several BioCube HQI owners ditch this bulb in favor of other high intensity aquarium lights that give off less heat.

Coral is beautiful and it looks better when a premium display is used to show it off. This glass tank comes with clean silicone-sealed edges. Plus, the reef aquarium combo comes with a clear glass canopy that enables better viewing from the top. The glass canopy can be removed to enable ongoing aquarium maintenance, the changing of water and for the stocking of coral and fish.

Quality filtration is put into the BioCube HQI Aquarium by Oceanic Systems.

A protein skimmer comes with this unit, allowing for the elimination of harmful organic waste. The skimmer contains a strong air pump that sits in the back of the BioCube aquarium. A refugium chamber is built into the BioCube HQI which gives this system the proper biological filtration that’s important for the feeding of coral. Plus, this complete coral growing system comes with a two-stage replaceable filter cartridge that’s perfect for taking fine particulates out of the salt water in both a chemical and mechanical technique. Activated carbon in the filter takes out odors and discoloration, while woven poly fibers remove free-floating items.

Accessories for the Oceanic BioCube HQI include the following:

  • The BioCube 29 Stand exactly matches this cubed glass tank. This stand is crafted from high-density fiberboard and coated three times with a water resistant finish. The 28.88 inch (73.35 centimeter) high by 21.13 inch (53.67 centimeter) wide by 20.38 inch (57.76 centimeter) deep stand is predrilled with holes to accommodate electrical cords. It also contains storage for aquarium supplies.
  • The BioCube Mini ultraviolet (UV) sterilizer and UV replacement bulb kills any algae, parasites and bacteria known to be harmful to coral growth. It possesses a low-voltage ballast and a 5-watt UV bulb, a perfect size to match this BioCube aquarium.
  • A 250-gallon (946-liter) per hour BioCube circulation pump simulates reef currents with continuously streaming water. A lever-release suction cup easily attaches this pump to any glass location inside the tank. Clips are located on both sides, so you can route the electrical cord to match where you place the pump. It comes with an energy-saving motor.
  • The BioCube Mini hydrometer is placed under the water and inside your BioCube aquarium to give you a continuous analysis of salt chemistry of the water in your tank. This small gauge can be inconspicuously installed in the tank, so as not to take away from the beauty of your coral reef and fish display.
  • BioCube Algae Cleaning Magnets are weighted scrubbers that stay on the bottom of your BioCube HQI aquarium, just above the gravel, but away from the glass walls to reduce the chance of scratching and keep algae out of your tank.

Reviewers rave about the customer service that they receive from Oceanic Systems. You can’t go wrong with this quality, well-built reef aquarium system.