Custom Saltwater Aquariums from the Fish Tank at Living Color Enterprise

When you aren’t worried about how much money you want to spend and you’re needing a custom saltwater aquarium made in any size or any shape, you need to put your order into Living Color Aquariums, headquartered in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. They can be seen on the Nat Geo Wild television show, “Fish Tank Kings,” or you can point your web browser to:

Living Color has built huge acrylic aquariums for entities such as Bass Pro Shops, SeaWorld, Disney, Major League Baseball’s Miami Marlins, Aquarium du Quebec in Canada, Nais Aquarium in Guatemala City, Curacao Sea Aquarium in the Dutch Antilles, Estee Lauder-La Mer in locations around the world, and a list so long that it can’t be printed here, but can be seen at

Small saltwater aquariums for Living Color rank at 158 gallons (598 liters). Their Neptune Cylinder Aquarium features a seamless acrylic cylinder that is 33 inches (84 centimeters) in diameter and is 45 inches (1.14 meters) tall. Living Color’s Cabinet Division builds a structural steel stand with a rust-free rubberized coating for cabinetry that is eight feet (2.45 meters) tall by three feet (91.4 centimeters) in diameter. Synthetic coral that would fit in a museum is inside this aquarium.

LED lighting is controlled by programmable timers. A self-contained filtration system includes a circulation pump, cartridge filter, protein skimmer and a wet and dry trickle filter.

For a truly unique saltwater aquarium, Living Color can build you their Low Crescent Aquarium that’s 16 feet (4.88 meters) long, 54 inches (1.37 meters) wide and 48 inches (1.22 meters) high. Sit on the floor in the center of this striking 2,000-gallon (7,571-liter) concave aquarium and you have fish swimming on both sides of you. There are windows in the floor above this aquarium that open to let you feed fish from the upper location.

Instead of using boring drywall to separate your room, have Living Color Aquariums build a Dramatic Room Divider Aquarium. At 220 inches (5.59 meters) long, six foot (1.83 meters) high and 60 inches (1.52 meters) deep, this impressive saltwater aquarium contains angled corners and can be viewed from two separate rooms. Pumps and filters, what Living Color calls a remote Life Support System (LSS), can be in a completely different room 100 feet (30 meters) away.

In the planning process, Living Color Aquariums use three-dimensional Computer-Aided Design (CAD) programs to render a convincing step-by-step drawing of how they will make your aquarium. Themed reef sculptures are planned and built using their secret of fiberglass and epoxy materials. Then, acrylic is molded into any shape or size to match your imagination. Living color makes only acrylic tanks, because they say that it’s easily refinished, if scratched, it shows off colors better, it’s half the weight of glass and stronger, it resists impacts, the sun, salt and temperature changes and it cleans easily. Precision craftsmanship that blends into the surroundings of your home or office is used to build cabinetry to surround your aquarium. Living Color Cabinetry can even expand the cabinet design of the aquarium to fill the rest of your room.

Since Living Color has been constructing large aquariums since 1988, they know how to build state-of-the-art systems to keep your saltwater fish alive. Small aquariums, or those under 350 gallons (1,325 liters), get a self-contained LSS. Larger aquariums receive a separate room of equipment that keeps your fish happy. Protein skimmers are in all Living Color aquariums. Chillers and heaters are employed to control salt water temperature. Adequate pumps are used to cycle water at least four times an hour. Chemical carbon canister filters are also used. Some systems get a biological de-gassing tower. Closed systems receive ultraviolet sterilizers. Size isn’t an issue. Living Color has engineered systems for shark tanks at over 150,000 gallons (568,000 liters).

Living Color Aquariums build their works of art with the promise that you receive a product free from headaches. They say that if you can dream it, they can build it. For the finest in saltwater aquarium construction, you just can’t beat Living Color Aquariums.