Fluval Flora Planted Aquarium Kit

The Fluval Flora Planted Aquarium Kit comes with a 7.9 gallon (30-liter) cubed glass tank, material for growing plants, equipment to keep your plants alive and even a small carbon dioxide (CO2) system pumping the gas needed for all plant growth, whether above or below water.

The Rolf C. Hagen Group of Companies, from Montreal, Quebec, Canada, owns the Fluval brand, along with several other pet brands. Founded in 1955, Hagen bought bird seed throughout western Canada to export into Germany. Expansion of the business included small pet stores in Canada and the U.S. and sale of Hagen pet products into large pet stores, such as PetSmart and Petco. Besides its base in Canada, Hagen has branches of its pet stores in the U.S., Great Britain, France, Germany and Malaysia.

Keys to a good planted aquarium include aquarium rocks and gravel over a rich substrate from which deep green aquatic plants grow. Quality planted aquariums need a freshwater tank, a good filter, bright lighting and the production of CO2. Fertilizer, water conditioners and a test kit complete the required equipment. By incorporating essential items together, the Fluval Flora Planted Aquarium Kit takes the guesswork out of growing aquatic plants.

The one-piece glass tank of this Fluval Flora Planted Aquarium Kit measures 11.8 inches (30 centimeters) wide by 11.8 inches (30 centimeters) deep by 13.75 inches (35 centimeters) high. It includes a glass cover. A rock background created from real rock is used on the back glass side of this aquarium kit. A Fluval Nano Filter that uses 6.8 watts of power and has a maximum flow rate of 81 gallons (307 liters) per hour is included with this kit.

Fluval Stratum for Plants comes with this kit, which is light aquatic plant soil that sits at the bottom of your tank. This 4.4-pound (2 kilogram) package of plant soil doesn’t tamp together and stays spongy, enabling bacteria that develop nitrogen to grow within the material. The pH level from this growth layer is neutral to slightly acidic. The bottom line is that your plants receive nutrients to grow into rich, green vegetation from this aquatic soil.

Since lighting that mimics the sun is essential for growing plants,

the Fluval Flora Planted Aquarium Kit contains a Fluval Mini Power Compact Light with a 13-watt compact fluorescent bulb that produces 6,400K of light, which mimics the full light spectrum of sunlight. A highly polished reflector in this lamp mirrors an optimum amount of light. There are two pivot controls on the light housing to give you complete control of the light’s direction. It also houses an on/off switch.

Plants need CO2 in order to grow and it’s a compound absent in your planted aquarium unless you supplement your water with it. The Fluval Pressurized CO2 Kit that comes with the Fluval Flora Planted Aquarium Kit consists of a regulator valve, a gauge, a disposable CO2 cartridge and a CO2 ceramic diffuser to thoroughly dissolve the CO2 gas into your aquarium water. A bracket firmly holds the diffuser to the side of your plant aquarium and a hose is used to connect the diffuser to the regulator.

Just the same as sprinkling fertilizer on your garden, the small container of Nutrafin (another Hagen aquatic brand) Plant Gro is included in the Fluval Flora Planted Aquarium Kit to give the plants in your tank some dense growth. Essential micro nutrients, such as zinc and manganese, are included in this aquatic plant fertilizer. Macro nutrients of potassium, phosphate and nitrogen are present to put a big boost to the roots of your water plants.

Other items included with your kit are:

  • A set of stainless steel planting tongs to help you grip and move delicate plants around in the water, without making a cloudy mess of the water in the plant aquarium.
  • A Fluval Nano Thermometer that mounts vertically on your tank and allows you to detect temperatures ranging from 64-86°F (18-30°C).
  • An anti-slip mat to keep your plant aquarium from slipping around.
  • A Fluval aquatic plant care guide that gives you specifics about 11 aquatic plants and tips on how to grow them.

There’s a bright green future ahead for you with a Fluval Flora Planted Aquarium Kit.