Elos Concept 80 Advanced Bundle Saltwater Aquarium

In the sports car world, if you want the finest, you might get a Ferrari, Alfa Romeo or a Lamborghini. They’re all Italian and have a long reputation of excellently crafted products. The same quality Italian craftsmanship goes into the Elos Concept 80 Advanced Bundle aquarium. It makes a superb choice for displaying saltwater fish.

Elos is an aquarium manufacturer from Verona, Italy with worldwide distribution into the countries of the U.S., Mexico, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Belgium, France, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Great Britain, Cyprus, Greece, Ireland, China, Japan, Korea, Kuwait, Qatar, Russia, Sweden, Switzerland, Singapore and Turkey. Nicola Gandini, the owner of Elos, puts a high value on carefully handcrafted aquariums. Anywhere from 170 to 340 procedures are used in the creation of a single Elos aquarium.

“Our aquariums are built by hand, one by one,” says Gandini. “We do not use machines or robots. We do not have assembly lines. We construct them one by one, using a few, well-trained craftsmen.” Known as an Italian-style craftsmanship, Elos aquariums are recognized worldwide as not only some of the finest, but as aquariums which retain a high value over time, since they’re meticulously built to last. “Simple, but complete,” are words used by Elos to describe their Concept 80 aquariums.

Low iron glass that’s amazingly clear is used to make the tank of the Elos Concept 80 aquarium. It holds 145 liters (38 gallons) of salt water. This tank measures 80 centimeters (31.5 inches) wide by 42.8 centimeters (16.875 inches) deep by 42.8 centimeters (16.875 inches) high. A uniquely curved transparent acrylic top enables visual inspection from above on this rectangular-shaped aquarium.

An external sump and a quietly-operating return pump are included in the Elos Concept 80 Advanced Bundle aquarium. Thorough oxygenation of the water is possible with this system. The mechanical filtration of the skimmer takes larger particles from your salt water and exclusive internal baffles are designed into the sump to sharply reduce the return of micro bubbles into the main aquarium. Plastic trim and a plastic lid complete a finished look on this sump.

Light-Emitting Diode (LED) lighting strips are used in the lighting hood on an Elos Concept 80 aquarium.

Aluminum is used throughout this device. Solderless gold connections ensure the finest electrical connectivity for your lights.

The Elos Concept 80 Advanced Bundle system includes a marine-quality Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) cabinet which is built strong enough to handle the 260 kilogram (570 pound) weight of the water-filled Concept 80 aquarium. This cabinet matches the rectangular dimensions of the glass tank above it and is 87 centimeters (34.25 inches) high. It includes a stainless steel door pull and a two-piece back that gives you quality cord management with passive venting capabilities.

Since Elos also specializes in marine additives and fish food, this advanced bundle includes the following:

  • Elos Reef Special Formula Salt Mix in a 150 liter (40 gallon) container is added to give your salt water the right amount of salinity, plus the required trace minerals, for strong and active saltwater fish. Since this is already calculated to match natural salt water, you don’t have to go through complex chemical administration of the water in your aquarium.
  • Elos SVM 2 fish food in a 50 gram container is also included. Only marine products are used in making this fish food. Elos includes beta glucans in its food, which improves marine immune systems to enable a better survival rate of your saltwater fish. Amino acids and unsaturated fats are kept at a high level in this Elos fish food.
  • Alkali, elements and carbonates are also added to your Elos Advanced Bundle so that the salt water in your Elos aquarium contains accurate chemistry. Appropriate calcium, magnesium and strontium come with the 500 milliliters of Prima Alkali. Iodine, bromide, fluorine, lithium, molybdenum and vanadium are the trace elements added with the Elos Elements 02 package. You gain the right ionic balance in your water with the Elos Carbonates 03 package.
By purchasing an Italian-made Elos Concept 80 Advanced Bundle saltwater aquarium, you gain an aquarium made with superior handmade craftsmanship that lasts for years. You also obtain marine equipment and chemicals enabling healthy and active fish.