Eheim Aqua style 4 or 16 Planted Aquarium

Sometimes you just want a small piece of aquatic influence in your living or working quarters. But, a fish bowl with a goldfish in it won’t work for the sophisticated planted aquarium you seek. That’s when you turn to the Eheim Aquastyle products. Known as an Aquastyle 4 in the U.S., because it holds four gallons, or as an Aquastyle 16 in metric nations, because it handles 16 liters, this chic aquarium is simple, yet attractive and it looks great, while requiring low maintenance.

Eheim is a company from Deizisau, in the southwestern German state of Baden-Württenberg. Founded in 1948 by the German engineer, Gunther Eheim, the company initially started manufacturing technical toys, such as mechanical-working toy vehicles. In 1962, Eheim developed a centrifugal pump, a mini pump that was first used in a fountain, but moved into pumping water for aquariums. An aquatic suction filter was created by Eheim in 1962, which was a breakthrough for aquariums around the world. Eheim is respected as a maker of quality aquarium products.

This German manufacturer makes aquatic creations specialized for small scale aquatic habitats.

Eheim has dealers in the countries of China, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Spain, the UK and the U.S.

Eheim Aquastyle 4 or 16 aquariums are 11 inches (28 centimeters) high by 9.5 inches (24 centimeters) wide and 9.5 inches (24 centimeters) deep. These dimensions don’t include the light, which extends above the glasswork of the nano aquarium. Visibility is available through all four sides of the Aquastyle aquarium. A cable organizer keeps the electrical cord out of sight. Rubber feet on the underside of this small aquarium set it above your surfaces and eliminate the need for placing a mat under it. A simple cover plate can be clipped open, and when closed, allows for air filtration via a small gap.

The first point made by Eheim is that their nano aquarium is sized perfectly for a planted aquarium that might also contain shrimp, crab and water snails, but that it’s too small for fish that need more room for swimming. This high-quality glass cube doesn’t show ugly corner cuts, because it’s made with rounded corners for a unified, smooth appearance. Float glass is used to make an Eheim Aquastyle, which means when the glass is made, molten glass is floated across metal alloys, such as tin or lead, that result in uniform thickness and an extremely flat surface.

The attractive glass cube is lit with an energy efficient Liquid-Emitting Diode (LED) light that contains 81 intersected diodes to utilize only seven watts of power. This light produces 1200 lumens at 6,000K, a perfect amount of light for aquatic plants in this four-gallon (16-liter) aquarium. Vivid colors show up when this bright LED lamp is on, which is estimated to have a 20,000-hour lifespan that equals about five years of average usage. The cord for the lamp is independent of the filter, so you can turn the lamp on and off, separately from the filter’s operation.
The Eheim Aquastyle comes with an internal corner filter, which efficiently uses only four watts of electrical power. It has a filter cartridge, a bio-filter, an active carbon filter and a phosphate remover. From the dosing chamber, filtered water goes through a water slide return, which creates an oxygenated ripple across the surface of your aquarium water. This fantastic filtering system matches the small size of your planted aquarium and sustains clear and stable water. The pump output is 53 gallons (200 liters) per hour.

You can place your Eheim Aquastyle planted aquarium on existing furniture or obtain an eye-catching cabinet built to match this nano tank. The optional display cabinet is 40 inches (102 centimeters) tall.

The Eheim Aquastyle aquarium can also be obtained in six-gallon (24-liter) and 9.25-gallon (35-liter) sizes. Such petite sizing places the calming feeling of the underwater world into small locations in a residential or working environment. With a careful attention to workmanship, the Eheim Aquastyle 4, or Eheim Aquastyle 16 planted aquariums put small, beautifully-designed, rimless tanks within your office or home in spaces that once were too small for the tranquil aquatic attractiveness of a nice, planted aquarium.