Aqua Design Amano Cube Garden The Finest in Garden Aquariums

To get the very best in garden aquariums, seek out the world-renowned artistic expert, Takashi Amano. A Japanese photographer, designer and aquarist who specializes in capturing small features of nature on very large film with negatives as big as 8x20 inches (20x50 centimeters), Amano photographs tropical rain forests in Amazon, Borneo, West Africa and his home country of Japan. He’s always been fascinated with freshwater aquascaping, which led to starting his private business, Aqua Design Amano (ADA) in 1992.

Based on Niigata-shi, on the west coast of Japan, ADA specializes in stylish, innovative products to enhance the creation of planted aquarium layouts. ADA also performs research and develops aquarium plants for cultivation. The “Aqua Journal,” published by ADA, is a monthly magazine that delves into an in-depth look on topics of interest to nature aquarium enthusiasts. ADA also takes on photographic assignments filming tropical rain forests and operates a stock photography business featuring images of nature, flora and fauna.

If you’re interested in developing a garden aquarium cheaply, don’t look to ADA. Takashi Amano is a Japanese artist who is most interested in revealing nature to its barest essence at whatever cost that might take. Expect to pay solid amounts of money for ADA products. That being said, quality is extreme in ADA merchandise. You’ll be satisfied with anything you receive from ADA.

ADA distributors are around the world, including in the Asian and Middle East countries of Australia, Indonesia, China, Korea, Taiwan, Philippines, Thailand, Viet Nam, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, India, Macau, Qatar and Israel; in European, the nations of Russia, Ukraine, Hungary, Poland, Denmark, Italy, Norway, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, France, the UK, Ireland, Spain and Portugal; in North and South America, the countries of Brazil, the U.S. and Canada; in Africa, Reunion and South Africa.

On the ADA Japanese website at, Amano is quoted as saying, “Anything blocking the aquascape is unnecessary.” So, pure glass using silicone connections is all that’s used to create ADA garden aquariums. Two words are key to all of Amano’s designs. They are “clarity” and “simplicity.”

Buy an ADA Cube Garden 120-H Clarity Glass garden aquarium and there’s nothing to block your view of what’s important – aquatic plants. Plastic frames won’t be seen anywhere near an ADA tank. Silicone isn’t slopped on the corners of any ADA aquarium.

Instead, it’s applied with an artistic and minimalistic touch. The idea is to provide an unlimited panorama of the subject to you or any other viewer.

Only high quality glass and highly durable silicone is used in the manufacturing of this, or any other, ADA aquarium. Eight stainless steel hooks are included for attaching the Cube Garden’s glass cover. The glass thickness is 12 millimeters (0.47 of an inch) thick. The ADA Cube Garden 120-H is 120 centimeters (48 inches) wide by 45 centimeters (18 inches) high by 60 centimeters (24 inches) deep. It holds 325 liters (86 gallons) of water and costs $1,399 in U.S. currency.

Reviews written about ADA planted aquariums praise the unique, clean appearance that lacks plastic bracing around the top and bottom of most tanks. The green brilliance of planted aquariums shines through any ADA product. Connections used to make ADA garden aquariums are seams of silicone that are so negligible that owners scratch their heads wondering how the aquariums are connected with such strength. Reviewers stress that nothing in their product distracts from the planted aquarium.

Any engineer will tell you that glass won’t stay rigid with the weight of water behind it. Does the glass in an ADA Cube Garden 120-H planted aquarium bow? Yes. That’s why thicker glass that’s perfectly beveled and absent of imperfections is used in the assembly of this tank. The result is a classy, rimless tank with aesthetics that shows off your planted creations. Discriminating plant aquascapers prefer ADA aquariums, because they see ADA’s glass tank as a perfect enhancement of the aquatic plant layouts that they create.

ADA also sells an entire line of cabinets, stands, covers, mats and screen sheets that apply to the back wall of your garden aquarium, which perfectly match the specific planted aquarium that you select. When you want the finest, ADA is your solution.